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Nanny MOM

Quality semi-private care, with a lower cost.


NannyMOM is a unique service that offers a lower cost semi-private care options where the Nanny is another mom! We know how hard it is to afford good child care and make it worth it to go back to work, so we wanted to create jobs Moms, so they can be with their little ones and another Mom can receive semi-private care for her child. This way, children are receiving more one-on-one care than what they would ever receive in daycare, but without the higher cost of a Nanny.

Each NannyMOM is background-checked, personally interviewed and is CPR- and First Aid-Certified, as well as has 1 child of her own with her at the appointment.

To be matched with a NannyMOM, give our office a call; we make our matches by location, general care schedule needed, as well as the age of your children and the NannyMOM’s children. It makes it even more fun for the children if they are near the same age!

Due to safety concerns, we do not, however, match an infant with a NannyMOM who already has an infant. Each NannyMOM only cares for one family’s children at a time, so maximum attention can be paid to the children. This service is intended for parents with 1-2 children typically and works best for children of ages 0-2, full- or part-time, and after-school care for ages 3 and up. Currently, we offer 2-,4-,6-,and 8-hour NannyMOM services.

Need a NannyMOM on a short term notice? We can let you know who is the closest to you.

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